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Hi! My name is Lash. I'm passionate about traveling the world nomadically, writing about my adventures and the cultures of countries I visit, then sharing them all with you. I hope to inspire you to travel the world, to entertain you with tales from the road, and to help you reach your travel dreams. Find out more:

My travels in brief:

Way back in 1991 I quit my job in the USA, packed up and moved to Japan. I lived in Kyoto for 6 years, saving money to travel the world. In 1997, mission accomplished, I left Japan and began my world travels... Fast forward to 2010: still traveling!

That makes 12 years of travel thus far ! (or 19 years if you count the 6 years I lived in Japan from 1991-1997) Since then I've been traveling pretty much continuously, mostly in Asia, but a bit beyond too. I've cycled much of it; climbed many mountains and volcanoes; visited a plethora of museums, artisans factories and galleries; worked as crew on 2 episodes of 'Survivor'; taught scuba diving in 4 Asian countries; done my fair share of clubbing at beach parties, outdoor festivals and big city clubs; attended uncountable performances of traditional dance, music and theater (in large part to send home detailed reports to my dad, the international musicologist); island hopped around Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia... well, basically immersed myself in the traditional cultures and natural lands of Asia and beyond..

During my solo cycle around Bali, Nov 2010
I've created this website to share my adventures with all of you- friends and acquaintances, fellow travelers, family, and anyone else interested in reading about a life of travel. Fortunately I've been keeping detailed journals and stories of my escapades, encounters and adventures, so there's lots of content to present. Just pick out a country (country tab) or topic (adventures tab) you're interested in and read on...

Getting ready to dive in Bali

Travel 'fast facts': (view more here)

1. I've cycled in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Java, Singapore, Nepal, Australia and China
2 .I speak Japanese, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesia/ Malaysian (nearly the same)
3 .I've worked on crew of 2 Episodes of 'Survivor'- Thailand. Amazon.
4 . I have traveled through 25 countries so far.
5. I'm a PADI OWSI Dive Instructor since 2005
6. The country I'd most like to re-visit is Myanmar.
7. I'm going to travel another 10-15 years.
8. I have done: sky diving, bungee jumping, para-sailing, hang-gliding and piloted an airplane 3 times.
9. I've driven across the USA twice, from Pittsburgh, PA to  San Fransisco, CA
10.  I once had a 3 Meter python enter my bungalow at night and proceed to eat my kitten!

If you're not familiar with my travels and want to get an overview of where I've been/when check out 'WORLD TRIP OVERVIEW: 1991-2011'. Otherwise, just dig into the stories. Hope you enjoy them! (please note that I haven't yet added ALL the stories of the past 12 years but will be regularly adding tales as I have time to re-edit and post them) Easiest to navigate via 'search' or via list of countries- right side bar.

If we've traveled/ adventured together, you're welcome to send me a pic of you/us so I can add it to this website! My email address: LASHTOUR (at) yahoo.com   Or send via Facebook:  www.Facebook.com/LashWorldTraveler    www.Facebook.com/LashWorldTour

Since 2004 I've been working around S.E. Asia as a PADI diving professional. I've written several posts about diving, including dive guides to Thailand, Malaysia and Bali as well as individual dive site stories. here I also have many excellent underwater photo galleries, with photos from dive pal Viki Kleyer. here

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Thanks for coming to join me here! cheers, Lash